I am trying to have a calendar in my site which should have below functionality:

  1. Select a year from 2013 to 2023 from a given calendar.

  2. Once a year is selected (ex-2013), 12 links displayed as Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr.... Dec.

  3. Once a month is clicked (ex-Jan), Jan page is displayed in the web site.

How can i do it in Javascript or I should other language? I am new to JS if you could provide me some tips as for how to do it, it would be great.

Many Thanks.


jquery ui would seem the obvious answer.

You could use this code :

    var obj = g_calendarObject.getSelectedDay();

    alert("a date was just selected and the date is : " + obj.day + "/" + obj.month + "/" + obj.year);
for more information , please see http://javascriptcalendar.org/javascript-date-picker.php