GeekSpeak.Blog.InsertBlog(BlogTitleTextBox.Text, BlogMessageTextBox.Text)

hi hi
i m a beginnger in
i need explaination wut does this guy mean with this code in the begining

i need explaination about wut is geekspeak=??
is it a web page called like this!!
also this wut means

insertblog also this=????

and the redirect page should be wut page
thnax in advance

The geekspeek part if the code is not native to Is appears to be a custom class that contains properties and methods.

The response.redirect is a subroutine used to stop the processing of code and redirect the user to another page.

thanx :) it was helpful
my other question if i wanna make a class like that person wut was the aim of this class in this situation to make adding and editing to the blog

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