Good day, I have been given a project to handle by my boss. The project is to design a new website for my company. The website is now ready and what is left is to put it out live on the internet. however, there is an existing domain name that the new website will take over from but before we do that my boss wants me to put the new website on a temporary url for everyone in the company to view and then make necessary comments and criticism for proper adjustment if needed. I am to host the website on a Microsoft IIS Server. I am new to Microsoft IIS and to website hosting generally and I do not know how to go about hosting the new webiste on a temporary URL on IIS. Can anyone be of help and give me a clue on how to go about this.

If you developed your website properly with respect to relative paths, the site will work with any domain name. What I mean is that say you reference an image, your source attribute should reference the relative path such as "images/img1.png" instead of "http://www.domainName.tld/images/img1.png".

With regard to IIS, what question do you have, or what clarification do you need?

Are you bringing up an IIS server on your network? Did you install the role yet?

In regards to IIS, I have a site I just designed but before I put it live on the internet on my existing URL (, I want to put it on a test URL or temporary url for access by my boss to look and make necessary criticism and corrections. He will have to access the test url from an external location other than the intranet. After the final approval, then I will now put it on the existing url.

The test URL i want is to be something like www.myMachineIPAddress/testURL.

Can I do this in IIS

Yes of course you can access it by IP... you can access a website in IIS either by IP address or hostname. However, if you plan on accessing the site by public IP address from an external network, then this IIS server would to have the public IP address bound to the website. IIS can host more than one website. Each website would either have a specific IP address bound to the site, or each site would have one or more host headers bound to the site. This binding is done at the website object level in IIS.

If you plan on hosting this with a provider and you want to access it via IP, you wont be able to do this on a shared platform because on a shared platform (multiple websites hosted on the same IIS server), you would need to pay for a dedicated IP to be bound to the site, or you would access it via host headers, so you can register a test domain name.

The test URL i want is to be something like www.myMachineIPAddress/testURL.

provide a more specific example, because I dont know what this means. Do you mean www.myMachineIPAddress/test?

This would require that you store your web files in a folder called "test" on the root of a website hosted on this IIS server.