I spent the last 8 or so hours trying to install Microsoft Office 2010 on Windows 8 Pro. Didn't happen. I called iYogi tech support who tryed to help me for the last 3 hours with no success. We finally concluded Office 2010 is not compatible with Windows 8. So, I could upgrade to Office 2013 for ONLY $400.00 or install OpenOffice for free. Well, let me see now, which do you think I did???

Switched to Google Docs?

Google docs is all I use, it happily ticks all the boxes for me.

Google docs doesn't have what I want -- I need a database program similar/compatible with Microsoft Access.

I think LibreOffice works OK for most practical purposes. I'm not sure how good their database program (LibreOffice Base) is though. I've used it a little bit, it seems fairly basic, but I have never used MS Access, so I have no basis for comparison. How do you find it to be?

I don't tend to use (MS/Libre)Office products too much. I do document writing in LaTeX, including presentations and posters (LaTeX/beamer). I do most math-/plotting-related things in Matlab, but sometimes in LibreOffice Calc (Excel clone). Vector drawings (diagrams) in Inkscape (or some UML application). PDFs in Okular.

I'm not a fan of Google Docs or other cloud-oriented applications. For one, they are currently one of the biggest security vulnerability out there, these applications are currently ridiculously easy to hack into, so that rules them out for any serious work (serious, as in, a company relying on them). And they still don't really deliver good enough performance and feature-sets, in my opinion.

I found out OpenOffice database is not compatible with Visual Studio either. So I installed MS SQL Server Express, also free.

SQL Server Express is much better than Access. I recommend you also install SQL Management Studio Express which is also available for free. The instructions can be found here

I m running win 8 pro on my laptop and I had installed Microsoft Office 2010 on it without any hassel. Its completely compatible. And for DBMS SQL Server Express is much better.

Thanks, but those links apply to people upgrading from windows 7 to windows 8 and already have office 2010 on windows 7. I'm trying to install office 2010 directly onto windows 8, so office starter won't do me any good.

Where comes the problem? Is it giving an error or just stuck on installation time?

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I'm trying to install office 2010 directly onto windows 8.

I assume you did a clean boot before you installed office 2010 on to window 8 because you mention a tech from iYogi tech assist you for 3 hours.

Try this workaround:

Ensure that the Print Spooler service is stopped before installing Office 2010 in clean boot mode.

Click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Run > type services.msc > hit OK. In the Serviceswindow, scroll down and right click on Print Spooler > click Stop.

Note: Ensure to start the Print Spooler service after troubleshooting.

I got it from this link


commented: worked perfectly :) +0

Thanks LastMitch, it worked perfectly :) :) :)

Does anyone else find it insane that his problem was solved by stopping the print spooler service?

I also stopped all the other non-M$ services as suggested in that M$ article, so I don't know if just stopping the print spooler would have solved the problem.

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