I downloaded McAfee Personal Firewall Express v4.5 to my computer. Since I have done this, my computer sometimes freezes when I boot up. When it freezes, I hit Ctrl + Alt + Dlt. It says that Microsoft Office Shortcut Bar Not Responding. When this happens, I turn off the computer and reboot the computer. This usually corrects the problem. How can I solve this problem; I don't want to have to reboot my machine everytime I turn it on. It runs Windows 98 and Microsoft Office 97.

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#1: you can remove it from startup
#2: Upgrade your version of Office

I haven't much advice for shortcut bar problems, but check to make sure that in the processes tab that a process named OSA.exe is running. I believe that is the office startup program. I don't konw how much help this is, but it is the best i can do.

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Something that works fine when Microsoft Office Shortcut Bar won't work like it did, is to click Task Manager [Ctrl + Alt + Del], find Microsoft Office, right-click and go to Properties. Once there, choose the Compatibility tab, and make sure you place a checkmark on "Run this program in Compatibility Mode for... " Next, do the same for All Users, by clicking on Show settings for all users, and place a checkmark on, "Run this program in Compatibility Mode"

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