hey all
i complete with task upload file that is user upload their files and download it

now here i want to ask

when user upload file then this file forward to manager for approval ..
then when manger login and view the uploaded file, and click an "approve or Deny" button,

how to code it for approval and forward file to manager...

anybody solve thiss???

You need to store a few details in your database. To start, you need to create a relationship between users, employees and their managers

With regard to the approval process, you need to store approval information about the uploaded file. This could be represented in a database table field as a bit (null, 0 or 1). Every file that gets uploaded is pending approved by default (null).

When a file gets uploaded, you can send out an email to the user's manager. When the manager logs in, you display the list of that manager's pending file approvals for his/her employees.

The manager can click on the link for the upload and review to disapprove (0) or approve (1). Depending on the selection, you update the field in the DB with the correct value.

iknow this process ...but hhow i done with code in asp.net using c#

So the problem is that there isn't a simple code snippet that one can share with you to help you.

You are basically asking for someone to provide you with functional code that will meet the listed requirements.

You may be better off asking to hire a developer in the business exchange forum category.

Alternatively if you decide to develop this app on your own, break the tasks up develop a little at a time and come back and ask specific help when you get stuck by providing your code.