I have learnt basic Html , Css & Php . I want to become a great web developer using php , i saw in many applications that without java & jquery our PHP code looks like uncomplete , some where i saw that AJAX is necessory for PHP.
my question is what is best combination of languages to become a great Php developer & which language we learn first , second & third .
My second question is i have already know how to make a basic ecommerce , social media & member ship site , which project i have to choose for more practice , i want to learn , research & practice myself first , after compliting my web development course myself i will join software house to become a great professional web developer

  1. There are many evolving technology areas. It is difficult to decide where your focus efforts. JavaScript is a key web technology. Don't start with jQuery (or similar libraries), learn raw JavaScript first.

  2. APIs - weather, maps, paypal, amazon, stripe. Google "public apis"

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