I need to develop a website which uses HTML.

I want to ask if I develop my website using JOMLA, does it use HTML ?
If no what is your recommendation for me to develop a website by using software ?
I prefer free software.

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I would say that if you feel confident in creating with html then download Notpad++. I've been getting to know BlueFish lately and have been liking it too.

Just to add...

I need to develop a website which uses HTML.

All web pages regardless whether you develop using HTML markup, or server side scripting, or content management systems like JOOMLA will ultimately render HTML. Web browsers are developed to understand HTML markup. So no mater what you develop with, the content is sent back from the web server to the web browser at HTML.

I develop using Visual Studio. while Visual Studio is geared more towards ASP.NET development, you could use it for standard HTML pages as well (a bit overkill though).

There are a lot of editors out there you can choose from. Many people use Notepad++ as recommended by stuugie for HTML development. It's free and easy to use.

my friend recommend to use dream weaver , I am familiar with notepad . I want to know will there be any difference between the two of them ?

By using Notepad, you have to remember all tags of HTML also their attributes, because Notepad is general editor and there is no autocomplete or syntax checking . While Dream Weaver is is a web design and development application that provides a visual WYSIWYG(What You See is What You Get) editor.


I am not familiar with dream weaver . If i use notepad it will be still okay right ?

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If i use notepad it will be still okay right ?

Of course. You can develop html (or pretty much any code) in any text editor. What IDEs like Dreamweaver and Visual Studio give you are the bells and whistles like FTP, code completion, sniffing and highlighting SVC etc. Dreamweaver and Vis Studio cost a fortune and if you're just starting out, that's a ridiculous amount of money. Start with a free/open source IDE, like Bluefish or Aptana - those are just 2, there are many, many out there and some have much of the functionality of the big 2 named earlier.

it's okay, if you also familiar with html

but i think you should use dreamweaver instead of notepad

You can download free templete use dreamwaver

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Why do these types of threads draw these types of comments. No more, I give up... :(

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