how to create a api in php mysql step by step process. kiendely help me i am new to this api process.

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What kind of API do you want to build?

A good tool to help you build a REST API is Restler.

The integration layer between FieldEZ and the client application is over HTTP/HTTPS. All the APIs take input in key value pair style (not in REST style) and responds to the client in XML format. Authentication is through exchange of a login id/password combination maintained in FieldEZ as well as in customer application.

All the APIs take input in key value pair style (not in REST style)

Not sure what you mean here, but you can send/receive anything you want.

i have attached the file please check and help me friend

i have attached the file

Appears you haven't...

  1. Sample XML for create/update of ticket

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <attribute name="callId">test-100</attribute>
    <attribute name="customerName">XYZ</attribute>
    <attribute name="contactPerson">ghh</attribute>
    <attribute name="customerLastName">qwe</attribute>
    <attribute name="address">no 5, Koramangala</attribute>
    <attribute name="landmark">Raheja Towers</attribute>
    <attribute name="city">Bangalore</attribute>
    <attribute name="state">Karnataka</attribute>
    <attribute name="PIN">560001</attribute>
    <attribute name="homePhone">12354</attribute>
    <attribute name="mobilePhone">68769</attribute>
    <attribute name="contactPersonMobile">5879</attribute>
    <attribute name="sourcePhone">657657</attribute>
    <attribute name="workLocation">Koramangala</attribute>
    <attribute name="dealerName">Toshiba</attribute>
    <attribute name="customerEmail"></attribute>
    <attribute name="company">Philips</attribute>
    <attribute name="brand">Philips</attribute>
    <attribute name="product">AC</attribute>
    <attribute name="segment">Retail</attribute>
    <attribute name="model">689hhj</attribute>
    <attribute name="serviceCharge">4000</attribute>
    <attribute name="serialNo">456546/attribute>
    <attribute name="warrantyType">AMC</attribute>
    <attribute name="warrantyProof">NA</attribute>
    <attribute name="purchaseDate">MM/dd/yyyy</attribute>
    <attribute name="complaintOrServiceInfo">Not working</attribute> <attribute name="customerRemarks">Service required</attribute>
    <attribute name="callType">Telephone</attribute>

This Is the Code How to Create A api

Oh, so not a server. You're just using an existing API. What do you have so far?

BTW. Uploading a confidential document isn't very smart.

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