How to create such web, on website?

I don't want to point (sub)website domains and relation.
But I just want point relation between Word A, B, C to Z. With link.

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Can you explain better what you want to achieve?

I just want point relation between Word A, B, C to Z

Are you referring to the signifier or to the meaning?

Could you maybe click the link, included in topic post?
It is an image showing what I would like to achieve.

The picture shows a tree, not what it represents (or not readable). Are you just interested in creating this graphically, or is there some meaning/data behind it that needs implementing too?

I am wondering, if there is possbility to generate this manually, by written script.

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I can't see why it couldn't be done. It'd be a bit of a challenge to write from scratch, but I'd wager that there are a number of libraries or some classes out there to get you started.

Do you have any idea which query could I use? "internet web" doesn't deliver any relevant results.

What does it represent? Can you give a textual example? The problem is in the idea behind the image, not the image itself I think.

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This is a domain relationship graph, I take it. Somewhat like a mindmap, so you have main 'nodes', 'subnodes' and maybe a leaf or two?

How does it work?

It is difficult to explain, since I don't know how it actually works itself, if I had known, I would make it all myself.

I am of thought, to create graph that shows virtual relation between two words(?).

I would like translate this (it's poor visualization):



To something like that: .

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OK, so it's mindmap or web or whatever you want to call it. So from what I see, you'll have a structure that's a multidimensional array.

e.g. php:

$data = array('one'=>array('onechildone','onechildtwo','onechildthree'),'two'=>array('twochildone','twochildtwo'));

e.g. json:

var data = {"one":["onechildone","onechildtwo","onechildthree"],"two":["twochildone","twochildtwo"]}; 

Or something like that anyway. So without knowing too much about this, you're going to need to create relevant space around each node, depending on the number of items at each level. For drawing the lines, I'm assuming that you'll be using angles (prob. radians) based on the number of items.

Off top of my head.

commented: Not resolving. Yet, if I hadn't known that, this would help a lot. +1

Yeah, I kinda know I could use array and I know how arrays work. Problem is, how to let system draw it? The graphical map.

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You don't mention if this needs to be done in js, asp, php, java, whatever...

I don't know which language. Most favorable would be JS + HTML5.
Something that wouldn't require installed program (Java) or Apache server (PHP).

This isn't like real project for sale or something like that.
It's something I want to use for my further eduction. Something
I could "play with", learn reactions and some "snacks" etc. .

Just what I sought for! You solved question, thank you.

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