Hi there,
I don't know if this is the right place where to ask but I'm lost and I don't know where to fond some help.
I set up a website:


This is based on wordpress and I spent some days pushing the site to some DNS one day and some DNS another... because I was not sure about the final server.

Now, actually the loading page is terribly slow: 30 sec if I'm lucky and I don't know if this is related to DNS i changed too frequently...

I flush my DNS on my laptop and this slow persist.

Any idea what's going on?

Is possible DNS are the cause?

Thanks for your attention

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Is the site published?

I spent some days pushing the site to some DNS one day and some DNS another..

Are you sure you mean DNS? I'm not familiar with what you are referring to with regars to "pushing the site to some DNS".

Can you clarify exactly what steps you took?

Yes, the site is online. You should wait up to 60 sec to let it open.
Ok, maybe I mistook using the term "push" but I'm sure I'm speaking about Name Servers. I have a domain and I can manage the nameservers. Actually I was trying to move the website from one server to another and so I changed all the values due to letthe domain pointing to the new server but after a day I change my mind and I set the nameservers as they were originally.

Of course I'm not sure if the problem is about DNS but I have no other ideas because other website on the same server load correctly and fast. This one (www.somatologia.it) need 30 to 60 sec to open...

Any idea?


I'm desperate, try yourself to open the website and you will see how long it takes...

It doesn't take any time to show me this


You do not have permission to access this document.
Web Server at somatologia.it

Also, the link I get is this: http://somatologia.it/wp-admin/install.php

Update: actually someone suggested me to use FastCgi instead then Apache and everything seem to go faster. Don't know if this is THE solution but actually everything seem to be better.

Thanks for your care.

I dont see any DNS issues here. The site also loaded very quickly for me.

The only time DNS would be part of a "slowness" issue of 30-60 seconds would be where your client is trying to resolve a host name and its waiting on the primary DNS server to respond and then if there is no response at the timeout period, it tries again with a secondar DNS server. If you were to capture the packets, you would clearly see this behavior.

Where you could have a DNS issue but would behave as slowness is where you update a host record and you find that some users are resolving the updated record while others are resolving the old record data. This is due to 1) the TTL of the record and 2) the zone data not fully replicated accross all name servers that host your zone data.

I still can't access it.

Probably dns were not involved. Anyway I confirm that with Fastcgi everything load quick. Blackmiau, really weird you got no access, are you using IE?

The only last dubt now is about the SOA.

I run the test here: http://dnscheck.pingdom.com/?domain=www.somatologia.it

I got this:

No SOA record found for www.somatologia.it.
No SOA record was found when querying the name server. This is most probably due to a misconfiguration at the name server - a zone must have a SOA record.

DNS I'm using are:

NS - 86400 - dns1.vhosting-it.com
NS - 86400 - dns2.vhosting-it.com
SOA - 604800 - dns1.vhosting-it.com abuse.vhosting-it.com 2014052601 10800 3600 604800 10800

Something I could do?

From my client, the SOA record resolves fine. If you are seeing errors, and this is a new zone, then its likely that your delegation of this zone has not replicated across the Internet root servers (or there is a problem with the SOA record within the zone file). Check your records. If this zone was existing and all you did was update some host records within the zone then see my explanation above.

In any case, none of this causes slowness. You may have several issues at the same time and simply need to identify all of them and work on one at a time.

The web site is fine I would be willing to bet it is your internet connection. The site came all the way up on my system in less than 10 seconds. You do have a lot of content to load so the 10 seconds is relative. I would check the speed at which the system you are trying to look at the site with connects to the internet. Try one of the speed test sites.

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