Hi All,

Need a help on ASP.NET gridview.

I need a link gridview in asp.net and when you click on particular link that details has to show in the same page.

I am using Oracle database.

Thanks in advance. Kavitha Kesav

So if i understand you correctly, you have a gridview control and when you select an item, you want to view the details of that item on the same page.

If so, this is generally accomplished using a gridview and detailsview control. There are quite a bit of tutorials online on how to do this. Just do a search for "populating details view from gridview" or similar.

Its difficult to provide you with more details or an example based on the information you posted...

Grab an id from a grid row and then use that to get the detail information. Works best if you can put the id into a link button CommandArgument.

Example below:

        <asp:LinkButton ID="imgbtnGetDetails" commandargument='<%# Eval("sID") %>' commandname="DetailRow" cssclass="imgIcon" runat="server" >