Hi guys, I would need to create a form where by it will be using within a department for reading and writing of data into database. N in our department we do not have any internet access at all, from what i know we need to have a web server in order to use asp or php, please correct me if i am wrong. Is there any alternative? Will appreciate if u guys can help out like providing me information on the above or information that i can read up as i only have very basic programming language skills. Thanks.

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Yes, generally to access a database, you need some type of server side scripting such as ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Java, etc..

With regard to the web server, if you will be hosting ASP, or ASP.NET, you will be using IIS on a Windows box. If you are going to code in PHP, you can do so on Apache installed on Windows, but you can also run it on Linux.

An alternative to asp.net or PHP, well I havent had the chance to look into this myself, but apparently, there is a Javascript based product that interfaces with MS Access. http://accessdb.sourceforge.net/

Again, I havent tried using it myself, although i would be interested in hearing from someone that has.

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