I have registered custom TLD like, .com, .in, .co
I have servers to deal with DNS setting. Now I want to allow people to register their domain under my custom TLD.
e.g. abc.xyz

So I need web registry software to allow registering domains under tld, .xyz

I want to do the same like following link.

Is there any good software available or I have to write on my own?

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Aren't you just acting as a reseller? You can sign for reseller accounts with most hosts. They usually offer whitelabel branding with customizable interfaces and pricing. If you go down this route, pay particular attention to the service plan. Although this can make you easy money (probably not a huge amount), you need to be sure that you have technical backup if you start getting complaints and queries.

I have registered TLD, like .NIC, .NAME, .DUTCH, .ITALIA, .KFC

I have purchased servers. Now I need Registry Software for creating WHOIS database, In order to CREATE, MODIFY, DELETE records of domains under my Top-Level Domain.

I want to allow users to register their desired domain(under my TLD) through services like GoDaddy.

To manage all these things I need software. is their any s/w available?

I don't want to be a reseller. I want to sell domains under my very own TOP LEVEL DOMAIN NAME

Wow, that's pretty big investment right there. The last time I heard it was up for $185,000 per TLD..

Good luck to you.

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