Hi , i have server HP Proliant ML350 with windows server 2012, i have connect my network to it, and every things is ok, after two days when i restart or close then open the PCs all the new data or files or folders removed from desktop or the drivers, all this happened at new user with new domain, but the old user keeps all data , :( what this problem should be ? how can i solve it ?

Best Regards

IT Techno,
Are you connecting to the server using a client computer? Have you set up a domain or a workgroup?
You wrote: the old user keeps all data, but the new user with a new domain doesn't have their data or files or folders--this isn't very clear.
Could you describe what you have done? In other words, can you describe the actions you have taken?
If you don't understand my questions, would you log onto the desktop of the Server and when Server Manager opens, click on Local Server and let us know what the properties of the server are: Domain, Computer name, Ethernet address (you can replace the first two sets of digits with xxx.xxx if you like, as long as those digits match the digits on your client systems) and if there are more than one ethernet ports listed.

Is there any group policy changes, please review your group policy where the user is located in its OU, once a policy updates run it doenst effect most of the time, unless reboot the workstations thats the only time it applies the policy.

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