How do i change images every 5 seconds on my web page? I have tried something but the first image is getting displayed but the rest of the images r not and i have used update panel and timer

Use JavaScipt. In the HEAD section in your HTML:

<script src="js/nameofjavascript.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

In the BODY section, place an IMG element with the name tag set to for example "slide", likte this:

<img src="picture1.png" name="slide" width="800" height="200" />

Example JavaScript:

    var image1 = new Image()
    image1.src = "picture1.png"

    var image2 = new Image()
    image2.src = "picture2.png"

    var image3 = new Image()
    image3.src = "picture3.png"
    var step = 1
    function slideit() {
        document.images["slide"].src = eval("picture" + step + ".src")
        if (step < 3)
            step = 1
        setTimeout("slideit()", 5000)

I dont understand... where should i type the fuction and those declaration lines??? :(

It goes in the javascript, which I refered to in the HTML as js/nameofjavascript.js.

You mentioned that you have used update panel and timer but the javascript that was recommneded by Sugmuffen may be less complicated than trying to use controls.

Are you familiar/experienced with Javascript?

No . Thats the reason i still am not getting wer tat javascript has to go :(

You can put the .js file and .html file in the same directory if you want. In my example I used

<script src="js/nameofjavascript.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

This means that the nameofjavascript.js file resides in a sub-directory called js. If you instead use

<script src="nameofjavascript.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

then the javascript file nameofjavascript has to be placed in the same directory as your .html file.