Hey everyone here. I want to start this topic by saying Thanks to Shark 1 who helped me with my previous code.

I need some help. Searching on google was not useful.
I need to create new Microsoft Access file located at this folder "C:\ProgramData\MyNewSoftwareFile"
Is it possible to put colum names like ID, First Name, Last name, Age etc? if not is there a way how to transfer a file from program files to this file here? "C:\ProgramData\MyNewSoftwareFile"

thanks :D

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It is possible to create your database into "C:\ProgramData". To do this you must check the radiobutton Show hidden files, folder, and drives in the View Tab of Folder Options window.
You can transfer anyfile to C:\ProgramData folder.

I know all that. I want the code how to move those from the actual folder to "C:\ProgramData\MyNewSoftwareFile", or the way how to do all that

That doesn't address the question of whether you should be storing the file at that location. Just because you can do something doesn't mean that you should. What is the purpose of that file? Is it an all users file or is it specific to each user? Perhaps a better location woulld be in one of

C:\Users\All Users\Documents

is not important where it is located. I want to locate it there because the folder will have some access files with informations inside. so I dont want someone accidentally delete that on the pc where software will be installed

Why then don't you keep it within the program under Bin folder. The installation will put it within the program and no one can delete the program unless they really do want to or meant to. Just asking.

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