I have been looking for a list of some of the top social media sites that allow dofollow links to add value to my website. I know Google+ is nofollow as well as facebook and twitter. Does anyone have a list of dofollow social networks?

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I think your request contradicts itself.
Either it is a top social media site, which is no-follow.
Or it is a site so obscure that it gives no value to your website.

The days of SEO by getting all the backlinks you can are gone. Almost all the best-known sites are no-follow, so I recommend rethinking your strategy. If you really want a presence on social media, stop thinking about whether the links are no-follow or not. Join some communities and take part in the discussions there. Write some good-quality articles and post them in your feed in each of the sites. That way, whenever somebody does a search on any of these social media sites, your site will be listed in the results. You have to treat each of them as an independent entity, each with its own search. It may not give you any benefits in terms of Google's results, but at least you'll get traffic in each of the social media sites.

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