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How can I make my wordpress site SEO friendly?

means I want to know is there any good working plugins available, and how to choose post title, keywords and some knowledge about meta tags.

and what are the places where I can submit my website ?


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For serious WordPress publishers with specific online business objectives, there is no more critical component to your website’s long-term value than its search engine rankings.

yes you can check the following plugins

All In one SEO Pack
SWEO by Yoast
google analytics for wordpress

for better user experience you can optimize your wordpress webite using below plugins

auto optimize - it will helps you to optimize your site for better speed
smushit - helps to reduce the image size(not lenght but data )
wp minify - it will minify all your css and script files

Yoast SEO pluginn best choice for SEO but you need unique content for all pages.

Used wordpress theme SEO friendly and add plug-ins like
All In one SEO Pack
SEO by Yoast

Wordpress is SEO friendly. You need to select a well optimized template (In terms of speed and coding), Enable caching (W3Total Cache), and use wordpress SEO plugin. It will perform much better.

Well, let me tell you a little secrete Wordpress site are itself SEO friendly that's the reason why a number of enterprises are using wordpress! Things are really simple over their adding a little plugin over the wordpress site can help you in getting the idea where your site requires change they do have tool which can help you in knowing your site SEO health status. And rest the SEO things are concerend you can do what others are doing which includes forum posting, Q/A's, blog posting, on page things.....

If I were you, I would be installing SEO plugins like Platinum SEO Pack and Easy WP SEO (paid plugin). Both of them are a great combo to make your Wordpress website SEO-friendly. I've used it myself and it worked. I hope this one helps you a bit. Cheers and good luck!

I am using Yoast SEO plugin and so far it seems as a really good option. It will let you create descriptions for your posts that will show up on the search engine together with the name of your text, also, you can choose the main keyword you want the text to be found through.

I'm aware of the word press issue, however I'm unable to get on the Internet with my computer , because of security issues they won't let me on . I'm still learning and I'm trying . You have to understand I was hacked for five years . And I'm willing to learn this is all new to me. I've only learn from being defensive from being ha i've only learned from being defensive from being hasked. And the word press our audiences hanging out outside of my work press page nothing I've excepted or allowed in just hanging out outside . Of my pages like viewing them . and they're the same cookies as on Twitter I've analyze them but I can't do anything with them through my phone . I've tried . I've also tried to get a grant to go to school for and take courses. But I can't do that through my phone . So please don't be upset with me I'm trying .

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