I like art and I like web development. I've been out of the loop the last two years and coming back, I see tons of new in-browser abilities. I don't know advanced code but wonder if the Internet can handle serving an adjustable (with scaling limbs), posable mannequin (like those of wood fame) to act as a resource for the drawing community. Android apps PosableLite and Pro have a mannequin of a fixed size; Mara 3D isn't avaiable state-side and others aren't posable. "FigureUp" doesn't offer IK forces and MakeHuman is much too polished; it's for video game assets, not a loose resource for sketching.

It's odd that nothing virtual exists that I can find easily; is this the place to post the idea and try to summon a team to accomplish that goal? I'm just spitballing but I'm sure millions worldwide would find such a tool equally useful. What technology would make editable, basic 3D geometry and basic visualization possible in the browser?