Hi guys from last month I am using one browser it called Max Safe Browser provided by Max Secure Software India Private Limited and I am feeling good by using this browser in my iphone and here I am just asking which browser is your best for iphone? If you confuse about broswers so I can suggest you that Max Safe Browser for you because there are lots of features in that browsers like safe from scam, fraud, phishing and potentially malicious online content and useful features like Manage Block List so in addition to our built-in dynamic malicious sites that we block, you can also choose to add your own websites you consider harmful. It includes urls and ip addresses and you can keep your best site by bookmarking so I think it is best so guys please share what you think about Max Safe Browser if you interested please download it from above link and if you have any problem about that browser I can solve it and also don't forget to share about your best browser for iphone :)


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For an iPhone, if you want to reduce your data footprint, then try Opera's mini browser. It is a proxy browser. Their servers do the fetching and rendering, and only send paint commands to your phone, significantly reducing the amount of data that your phone uses for web browsing. I'd recommend Nokia's xpress browser, but we don't yet support the iPhone... FWIW, Opera is our biggest competitor in the mobile browser domain, but it is a quality application. I don't dis' the competition when they do a good job and we don't have a competing product.

As for Max Safe Browser? Never heard of it. I'd be careful - there are lot of seemingly legitimate apps out there that are trojans. I'm not saying this is (I don't know), but the fact that I've never heard of it (and I follow this domain pretty closely, for professional reasons) is not positive.

That said, Apple does vett iTunes applications pretty well, but they are not always faultless.

Thanks for your great info :)

NP. Hope my information was helpful to you. Personally, I'd love to say we (Nokia - soon to be Microsoft) had a proxy browser for the iPhone, but it would be a LOT of work and honestly I don't see it happening, at least in any reasonable time frame. Opera's mini-browser would still be my recommendation for now.

For Nokia and Windows phones though, our Xpress browser kicks butt! (a bit of company support here)... :-)

Totally agree with @rubberman, Opera mini is by far the best web browser for me because it brings the date much faster than other browsers. I also like the fact that this web browser always compresses the web pages before sending them to your phone/tablet, so it won't drain many of your internet data.

Search engines Firefox for iPhone gets the benefits of its pc version. Chrome's syncing capabilities truly make it amazing, enabling you to take fairly much any information associated with Firefox and your Search engines account and have it on every single system the web browser facilitates. That means you always have your favorites, security passwords, record, search strategies, and so on. Search engines really does synchronize well, and that's where Firefox stands out beyond Apple's Opera. That said, its other functions fairly much collection up equally. You might choose its customer interface or that of any other web browser. Its function set doesn't set it above a wide range of other third-party choices. When you want to know why Firefox is the best, just look at its syncing capabilities. That's where it victories.

google chrome

HI thanks for sharing your thought .i would like to saye google chrome is the best browser for iphone because there is lots of features and it is having good browsing speed.so i will use google chrome as a browser in iphone.

google chrome

I'm using the Safari as default. But I read a new that Mozilla will release the version of the Firefox for iOS soon.

Google Chrome is the best browser for iphone.

I have been using Google Chrome for several years. I don't care for Safari on iPhone and I have tried and didn't care for Opera's iPhone offering. I like Chrome because:

  1. It integrates with other Google apps like GMail and Hangouts
  2. It gives you access to your bookmarks and open tabs on your other devices
  3. It behaves the way you expect it to behave :-)
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