What are the pros and cons of using Asp.net MVC vs web forms?

rproffitt commented: -1 for being disingenuous. -3
happygeek commented: So, are you just going to post questions from your question and answer site then? -4

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@happygeek, am I not permitted to ask questions/contribute because I own a question and answer website? I don't understand why you gave me a down vote. I have read and understood this website policy and guidelines. If I am missing anything, pls let me know.

Of course you are, however it does appear a little disingenuous as rpoffitt says - it looks like you are just posting to collect content for your site. Maybe if you explained in a bit more detail what it is you want to know, including the context of your query, then it would seem a more genuine enquiry and garner a response from the community.

@happygeek, ok. Thanks. Correction noted.

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