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I am working as a freelance web developer, i have more than 4 years experience in osclass scripts. I am working in the osclass scripts for the past 4 years and have created nearly 67 sites in osclass, and have created many plugins, cuztomized themes, plugin cuztomizations according to the clients need. I saw many of the post was unanswered here regarding the osclass scripts, so i make this new topic those who are wandering for a good programmer for their osclass script, reply me here if you need my support, thanks.

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i have problem in my osclass site. when first user registerd in my website they recived verification email, but when second and third user registerd they not recived verification email in there account. please help me.
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verification email not sent to second registerd user. please help me

commented: If Than (above) doesn't answer, be sure to create your own discussion. Also, this appears to be a question for that web site and not much else. +15
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