Hello all wanted guidance on CMS(Content Management System) to be able to work with REST API for integrating REST API as needed for performing needed tasks.Kindly guide me with same

Below are the steps in integrate API:-
1) Firstly make sure to select the right SMS company. : when we take the bulk sms services make sure the provider is formly equipped with the following:-

  • Network research
  • Reliability and professional support.
  • stable and secure services.

2) Research on how other apps integrate.

3) Make sure to use ideal sms API

4) Link the database of the customer to the system.

5) At last enjoy full app functionalities.

commented: Hello I wanted suggestion on CMS platform best suited to work with REST API like wordpress,joomla etc +0

You left out all the details.

  1. What are the needed tasks?
  2. How are you measuring "best"?
  3. It appears you are aware of Joomla, WordPress and others but left out why these don't work for you.
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