My First Post here in the forums.
I have to say this place is very informative.
But unless you know what all the extentions mean you are going to be just as lost as me.
I have read through many tutorials and even played around in all four of my Macromedia Programs, just to see if I can get something to happen.
I can't even get more than 1 Picture to load in the Flash MX.
I have no Idea how to even start the first page in Dreamweaver. let alone find a decent template to learn from.

Is there somewhere to download or subscribe to a Video Tutorial just like the 60 Hour one in UT2K4 Editors edition.
That tutor video was great I was actually able to build a map from scratch. of course it was their scratch template.
I am looking for the same for Cold Fusion MX, JRUN4, Flash Remoting MX, Studio MX.
these are all full versions I have in the original Packaging, I own. they are not downloaded nor are they pirated in anyway.
And are solely on my home office computer.
I have looked everywhere in this forum and all I see is written Tutors.
I am looking for a video that is simple to the lowest layman.

please do not suggest I go to school.
I cannot afford anymore fly by night schools whose certificates don't mean crap in the real world.
I already waste 15K on one to find out most of what I already knew.

thank you very much.
Sincerely Appreciative,