Im using a free php script where i have to edit the config file. i have edited the password field to the one i want it to be but when try login to the admin it says my password is wrong. the files are uploaded so im not sure whats going wrong?

// Begin Editable Parameters
// MySQL connection variables
// Login user
// Login password
// Server name that MySQL is on
// Name of the MySQL database
// Website administration variables
// Admin email address to send notifications to
// Email address to send submission verifications from
// Password to log into the administration tool
// Does each submission require admin approval?
// Set to "no" if admin approval is required
// Website layout and display variables
// Web site name
$site_title="Freeaddsgalore free directory";
// Number of columns displayed on front page
// Width per column (pixel or percentage) on front page
// (if using pixel number, add "px" right after the number with no leading space)
// The last word in the name of the .css file you wish to use for your color scheme.
// Right after "style_" of the style sheet name
// Do you wish to allow users to post images with their listing?
// Result listing and ordering options
// field to list by (options are "name","id","clicks","rates","rating" or "date_added")
// Direction to list, ascending or decending (ASC or DESC)
// Number of records showed before paging reuslts over several pages
// Number of links to display on popular page
// Number of links to display on new links page
// Number of links to display on search results page
// Error Messages to admin email and browser when MySQL connection and query
// errors are reported
$ConnError_Email="There was an error connecting with MySQL at $PHP_SELF";
$ConnError_Browser="There was an error connecting with MySQL";
$QueryError_Email="There was an error querying MySQL at $PHP_SELF";
$QueryError_Browser="There was an error querying MySQL";
// End Editable Parameters

All the records have been edited but i have chosen to leave out passwords etc..
thanks in advance to any help

Can you log in successfully some other way?

no i realy dont understand it. everything is correct. do you mean log in to the admin? i wouldnt know anotherr way of doing it/

Maybe the code that handles the login is wrong. If you have php5 it may differ from php4.

Are you able to access whatever you're trying to access without the script? I'm trying to reduce the scope of the problem either to or not to the script.