I am building a site that has 3 main sections (Sec1, Sec2, Sec3) These 3 sections will be the main navigation going accross the top. On the home page will be a image approx 528 X 228. Each section will have a image relevant to the section. So when the user scrolls over the Sec1 navigation link that sections image will apear. An example of this can be seen here http://www.corkscrewsetc.com/

However, I would like each section pic to link to that section. I am using Javascript for this. Here is the code

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/JavaScript">
var image1= new Image();
var image2= new Image();
var image3= new Image();

image1.src = "img/image1.jpg";
image2.src = "img/image2.jpg";
image3.src = "img/image3.jpg";

function doButtons(picimage) {
eval("document['picture'].src = " + picimage + ".src");}

Then inserting the image using

<img name=picture src="img/iamge_main.jpg" width="528" height="228" border="0">

The rotation works fine but I would like to add links to each image.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Simply add the href (anchor) tags around your image source. You can change the href property programatically, just as you are doing with the src property of the images.

Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to do that. I am not a real developer I know enough to get by. An example would really help.

I mean, just do what you are already doing. Modify your image tag to be within an anchor tag:

<img name=picture src="img/iamge_main.jpg" width="528" height="228" border="0">

That's what you have now. Add an anchor (I also removed the "name" tag as it is deprecated, changing it to the "ID" tag, and wrapped the value in quotes).

<a id="picture_link" href=""><img id="picture" src="img/iamge_main.jpg" width="528" height="228" border="0"></a>

There, now you have a link. To change the link destination, you'd revise your JavaScript: function (you have to revise it anyway to be compliant and use the "id" property instead of "name"):

function doButtons(picimage) 
  document.getElementById('picture').src = picimage + ".src";
  document.getElementById('picture_link').href = "http://www.daniweb.com";

That should work, though I haven't tested it.