Hi, I am a relative newbie to PHP no doubt I will run into no end of problems, speaking of which :sad: I have implemented a vb board and need to add another admin. Apparently it mentions that the ID of the person be added after the superadmins line which is set to 1 at the moment, is the correct syntax; '1','2'; ?

I have tried this with spaces and it still refuses to allow anymore than 1
any help would be greatly appreciated...

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Can you please provide the code you are using to insert the new user?

// The users specified below will have permission to access the administrator permissions
// page, which controls the permissions of other administrators
$config = '1';



You only need one super administrator (as defined in config.php). The job of the super administrator is to be able to add other administrators and set their permissions, which you can do from within the admin control panel. Just select the user you want and move them into the Administrators usergroup. Then, from within the admin control panel, click on Administrator Permissions to define what portions of the admin control panel they should have access to.


Thank you so much, doubtless I will have many more questions before long...

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