Hey everyone. I've been trying to install my own webserver on my computer along with PHP and MySQL. I thought I installed everything correctly but I just uploaded my first script and NONE of the PHP seems to be working. I'm running apache v2.0.x, the latest version of MySQL and the lastest version of PHP. I'm running on windows XP. I included a SS of what I see below. If anyone has advice for me, it would be much apprecaited.


Couple of things:

Does the page address you are loading end in .php?

Did you go into the config file for Apache and do the required modifications for PHP pages?

Have you tried other scripts to make sure it is not the script?? The most common script used to test your PHP installation is php info script like so:


Type or copy that code into notepad and save it as info.php in your web folder, than load it in a browser. It should show all the info about your PHP and Server

Hey guys. Thanks for the responses. After a few days of messing around w/ it I finally got it. Apparently the php.ini file that comes w/ apache isnt the one your supposed to use with PHP5. There is another file called php.ini-def or something like that. I used that, made the proper modifications and it works perfect. Thanks again!

Hi All,

I have a similar problem.

I have tested apache and php using the command prompt. Both are fine.

I am running apache 2.0.x with PHP 5.x on Windows XP.

When I write the code for displaying the phpinfo() in info.php file and try to view the page as using the url http://localhost/info.php it gives me error "page not available."

However if I write the same code in a .html file and view the page in a browser it shows me the server information.

Please help ?

I got a similar problem. I installed PHP on Windows Server 2003. It works, meaning that I am able to read PHP pages but the mail function doesn't work (no errors or nothing). I played around with the PHP.ini script (mail function) but I am running out of options. Can anyone tell me what the problem(s) might be.