I am looking to add a video section to a local community site. I am wanting to set it up very simlar to Youtube, but it would have a different purpose. The website would also have other password protected pages therefore the video section could not have a seperate log in. How does the Youtube Clone Script work? How customizable is it? How much should it cost? (they sell for $3 on ebay but that seems cheap) Is there any other vdieo library software that is highly customizable that works simlar to Youtube?

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There is a way to get the YouTube Clone script for free. If you go to www.shotube.org
You have to register in the forum, fallow the link on the main page, after you register and post 100 posts you get a link to download the script. You can also view demos of the script.
100 posts is very little considering the fact that the script costs over $300 !

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