the following code read from database by limit to show 2 records

now i want to make link or button to show the next 2 records or the previons 2 records

please tell me how i can do that ??????????????? :o

the cod is


$link = mysql_connect("localhost","","")
or die("error connect");

$dbrusult=mysql_db_query("mydata","select * from table LIMIT 0, 2 ");

echo ("<table border=1>");

echo ("<td align=center>NO</td>");
echo ("<td align=center>NAME</td>");
echo ("<td align=center>Country</td>");

while ($row=mysql_fetch_array($dbrusult))
echo "<tr>";
echo "<td align=center>$row[0]</td>";
echo "<td align=center>$row[1]</td>";
echo "<td align=center>$row[2]</td>";
echo "</tr>";
echo ("</table>");