ive done some research looking into this but cannot figure out a method to suite my situation.

i have an index.htm page this contains an Iframe containing another html page seperated using a frameset (just 2 frames) lets say '1' and '2' for example. I also have another window open. I wish to input a value into this 3rd window then pass this value all the way down to frame'2' without reloading the the index and frameset page using GET. can anyone help

for clarity

----- FRAMEPAGE (visible as iframe in index)
------- FRAME 1
------- FRAME 2

please any help would be appreciated

If the server side interaction is required, you would need to use AJAX. If only client side, then Javascript would suffice the purpose. Also unless the third window is in some way related to the main "index.html" page, I don't think there is any way of passing data between two unrelated HTML pages.