hello folks,

I was wondering if it is possible to call a jsp from a dos bat file. I have a bat file that uses ftp to get some files, and i would like to call the jsp/servlets that processes the files without needing to modify or recreate processes performed by the existing bat file.

I am beggining to believe this cannot be done because i have googled it several times only finding calling bat files from a jsp, but not the other way around..

any help would be greatly appreciated. or if you know this cannot be done, plese state that so i stopp spinning my wheels looking for a solution.


It all depends.
If you have a program installed under DOS that can make calls to an HTTP server you can have that program call the server in which your servlet is running.
Of course were you to be running a modern version of Windows instead of DOS (which was last sold in 1994!) you will already have such a program in the form of a simple but rather complete telnet client built right into the operating system.