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I've been working on this forever and cant seem to get it. I am developing a site in jsp using netbeans and i have an applet i want to add to a page.I know i have to use <applet> tags but i dont know what to put to call the applet. The applet is written in a normal java file that extends applet. Honestly i have never made applets before, let alone embed them in a jsp file. I've looked all over for how to do this, but i must be missing something. any suggestions?

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you can make use of jsp plugins to call applets from jsp

for ex:

<jsp:plugin type="applet" code="Test.class" codebase="D:/project examples/Persisted_Project_File/build/classes/com/bean"

          <B>Unable to start plugin!</B>


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1.Failed to notice that thread is 3 years old
2.Failed to read previous replies, otherwise would spot that valid answer already provided
3.Failed to use code tags
4.Failed, because absolute path to "D:\" drive is used in the code which obviously wouldn't work on server

Conclusion, thread close before another bright person brings more sunshine ...

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