I would like to invite peers here to give me some pointers , tips and hints on "how to" on the following doubt of mine::

Scene 1. I got 4 records listed. I check ALL and click for action. first 3 records got acted upon by a algorithm nd updated to DB but 4th one crashed. what to do to ensure that the in this case we roll back?

Note: I do heard of triggers and stored proceedures but i cant wish this with db level constraints if it ispossible as it would then make db not obsolete, as i would be using the same db for another application where these actions do not come at all.

Scene 2. How do we manage transactions in PHP like in Java.

It would be great if experts here could comment on the two scenes and could be comparative with other domains as well.

Thanks in advance ,

Saffron geek

The best way to use tranactions is to use the feature of your selected database (using queries). If you want to code this in php... good luck, not recommended.