I am having a debate with my network admin as we get ready to bring MS SQL Server 2005 online on our Windows 2000 network. I have been working on webpage scripts in PHP (which I am fairly familiar with) on a web host using MySQL to prepare. Now the network admin wants to use Cold Fusion instead. I imagine this is because he doesn't know much about programming and wants to keep himself directly in the developement loop. He has stated that PHP doesn't work very well with MS SQL. I really have not had the opportunity to try it with this flavor of SQL, but from what I have seen from the free trial download of Cold Fusion I am NOT impressed. Can I please get some input on this? If Cold Fusion is a better platform to develope with - FINE! But - is it???


I don't think there is a good answer to this. "Better" is hard to define, I don't actually know Coldfusion but what I saw from it looked utterly weird. That doesn't mean it's a bad language, I heard that you can write very short code in Coldfusion.
Choosing between language's is mostly a matter of taste. If you really think PHP would be better suited confront the network guy and ask him why he choose Coldfusion. If he choose Coldfusion he will most likely know.

Good luck

Thanks Anonymusius! I am trying to be open minded about this. I really appreciate the input!

I think coldfusion is much easier to code than php.