Hi i m developing jsp application. In my system the screen resolution s 1024*768 pixels.It will shows the web page properly.While viewing the same page in my friends room his system resolution s 800*600 pixels it will be of in different form of shape and nature.How to make the page as generic in such a way that it should be visualize in all forms of screen pixels resolution.very urgent pleaase help me .., i believe that anyone help me

it depends on what you are putting on the jsp page. Essentially it boils down to good web developement.

This problem is most likely related more with your HTML & CSS than the actual JSP code.

Hi there< i Know this was put down some time ago but could you elaborate a bit more as I have the same problem and would like to know how to resolve it. Thanks Vicky.

Vicky as stated before this is related to CSS plus JavaScript and has nothing to do with Java Server Pages