I am relatively new to php and I want to create a basic page with dynamic content. So say I have a page called products.php that acts as an index to my products, a link such as products.php?product=box would go to a page with the particular details of 'box' and products.php?product=chair would go to a page with the details of 'chair' etc. And is there a way to do this without register_globals switched on?

Many thanks


If you are using a database to store the information, create a recordset for your values displayed on your product page.
the example below will take the user to a page called productInfo.php and display the information about the "ID" of the item selected. (This carries the variable of"ID" in the url) <a href="productInfo.php?ID=<? echo $row_rsInfo['ID'];?></a> On the productInfo page create another recordset that is filtered by the URL parameter of you variable set (in this case I am using "ID")
once the productInfo.php loads, it will display the information about that particular item.