Hello all, i hope someone here can shed some light for me. I have to do a final year project and needed an idea fast so i decided to try something involving semantic web.

now the problem is i am totally new to this concept, i am reading books and searching through google for information but thought it would also be a good idea to ask you guys :D

ok the idea is to build a toolkit which can help a site author to create a semantic tag for his/her site thus putting them further up in the hit list when a surfer is searching. the tag i think will be in XML and i havent really decided on the language of the front end of the toolkit but i prefer PHP if i can (unless someone has a suggestion)

my problem is i dont know where to start with this, in order to feel less scared at the prospect i need some direction, and possibly a friendly voice to say this is possible lol.

how do i create a semantic tag, how can i link it to a web site...anything??

off to read some books now. thanks guys any input is really appreciated.

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sounds like search engine...

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