Hi Friends,
since i am new to this script, I need your help, well this is my problem, i need to compare userdate with my backend date. for that i have used a dynamic dropdown combo as an id and i need to fetch the date associated with that id and need to compare with the user date in a hidden format. once the user press the calculate button it has to compare the user date and the hidden backend date and it has to display some values based on some condition.. this is the task. well i am displaying the coding also. Thank you friends.

die("could not connect to the database".mysql_error());
echo "connection succed";
$qry="select DISTINCT C from sheet1 ORDER BY C";
<title> service calculator </title>
<script type="javascript">
function fnsubmit()

<body bgcolor="pale red">
<form name="f1" method="post" action="1.php">
<h1>Date comparing</h1>
<center><p>Taxable Service:</td><td><select name="taxservice" onChange="fnsubmit()">
<option value=""></option>


if($_POST== $row)
$selected = 'selected';
$selected = '';
echo $selected;
echo "<option value='".$row."' $selected;>.$row."</option>";
<p>user date:<input type="text" name="userdt" value=""></p>

<p>date compare:<input type="button" name="dtcompare" value="datecompare"> </p>
<p>ess:<input type="text" name="ess" value=""> </p>
<p>total:<input type="text" name="tot" value=""> </p>
</center> </form></body></html>

Honestly. I'd use xmlhttp (Ajax) and do it on the server. If you *need* it to be hidden from the user, then COMPLETELY hide it from the user by removing it from the page. Just have ONCHANGE call an xmlhttp function with only the apropriate user/date, and your php page on the server does the comparison and just hands you back the appropriate values.