can anybody tell how to make discussion forum in

I need it immediately...

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harsh, it's a lot of work.

First make your databases and design them well as speed and flexibility will be based soley on them. Then just use simple repeaters with nested repeaters to layout the information. It isn't tuff, but a lot of tidious work.

Hi everyone,
Am doing a project in and am new to programming.
I need some help!!

how to retrieve the details of a particular project once clicked onthe project id in the gridview.
Actually,when i click on the grid view it has o navigate to a page where different textboxes for different fields are present and the pselected project details have to be retieved fom tha database and to be displayed in the respective textboxes..

How can this be done...
I want it at the earliest...PLease its very urgent..!!!

not sure exactly what has to be done.. but you can always use the asp:HyperLink control and the postbackurl property. What this means is that it will keep the information on hand of your current page but send it to the page you say to. So if by clicking some check boxes, then clicking the id with the postbackurl (and the autopostback="true"), you can post it to a new page with the selected information of the previous. Then you can populate the data you need and have the past data at hand.

hey its not the information from previous page that has to be displayed.It has to be displayed from the database..I dont think it'll workout just by making autopostbacktrue='True'

Can you give me some thing in detail...pls

Then I need you to be more specific on what you need exactly. If you are just needing to pull information from the database then set up a connection in your aspx file or your web.config file, call it, open it, create a datareader to read the data, and set your values accordingly or use a data control (datagrid, repeater, datalist) and do it that way. Let me know, in 1st grade terms, exactly what you need done. The paragraph may make sense to you since you know what you want, but from my stand point, I have no clue what you want or need.

can anybody tell how to make discussion forum in

I need it immediately...

There are two challenges with a forum application:

1. storing the data - forums are tree like data structure with an N levels of node\leafs to store them in the database look for examples on storing a tree in a database try this:

2. Second problem is displaying the data - I would use a third party tool like Telerik's grid which is built for displaying N level hierarchy. Building your own is not too bad but is time consuming. I would use a repeater and some recursive function calls to generate the needed html is I had to do it on my own.

Last thing I can say is maybe it is worth buying a third party product...not sure. Might be worth it.

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