Hi everyone

I'm looking for a script that uploads and resizes images onto a server. I've been tormenting myself with the one from http://blazonry.com/scripting/upload-size.php
The reason I think that it's not working is because the server I'm working on doesn't have the libjpeg and libgr-progs library packages. And I'm not in the mood to hassle with that :P

So after that long explanation what I'm asking for is a script that will work without the server requiring anything other than php and html.

P.S. cscgal, u rock ;)

why don't you use GD library? that provides the same functionality.
I've attached two links as guidance:



Also there is various threads on this forum talking about this topic and in addition, i think code snippets too...

Thanks martin. I'll check those links out. I did do a search for posts on this subject and it came up with one thread that wasn't very helpful...hence me starting this thread. I'll let you know if those links helped ;)

That resize link looks like a charm martin. I've been working on an upload script that's working perfectly except for one thing.

If some uploads an image that's bigger than the size limit then what happens is the size check is only done once the tmp file is on the server which isn't ideal because if someone uploads a file that's 5mb big and they have a slow connection they'll be waiting a while just to find out that it's too big. I know I could make a note on the page telling the user the max limit but that's second prize for me.

Hope I explained that well enough :P