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Two incidents: Last night, I had my HP Pavilion dv9620us notebook PC running, and was using both Microsoft Word (with a few windows open) and Internet Explorer. (I'm running Windows Vista.) I went away for a little while, and when I came back, the screen was dark, as it should …

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I have a APC Back UPS, model UPS ES 500. Today when I was turning on my PC, suddenly after flashing yellow light ( which is normal ) it started fashing red-light ( instead of green light ) and was beeping violently. After 3 to 4 trials it finally came …

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Hi, i'm really new to jquery and i don't know how to solve this. i added following code to blink a div. initially mypopup div is hidden. and 10 seconds after page was loaded this div appears. because of this toggle() method div displays for 10 more seconds before hiding …

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Hello everyone ok straight to the point i have to do this a text or a word that is blinking and have color and while it is blinking it is automatically changing its color i know how to do a text with color and blinking but i don't know how …

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Ok straight to the point i have to do a code. The text or the word must have color and it is blinking but the text color should be automatic changing while it is blinking... I know how to put color amd make the text blinking but i don't know …

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hi, am currently working on a assignment in which i hace to make a graphic using the g class blink on and off for certain intervals. i was wondering if someone would know how to make a graphic do so since i only know how to make a picture blink

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My MacBook Pro 4,1 doesn't want to load OS (can't find it) and displays the blinking folder with a question mark. I have tried everything I found on the forums. Mac does recognise hdd. I could copy all file from my hdd to remote hdd using terminal. However still every …

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hi , i am using samsung samtron 55v monitor problem is that when i start my pc monitor light blinking and not display any thing although keyboard and mouse powred. i also check my monitor with my laptop it's work what the problem occur please tell as soon as possiable …

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