Compaq Presario SR1010NX: Problem,Plug computer in and front panel light(long skinny green light below PWR button)blinks and computer does nothing. Replaced PWR supply and now no light nothing ! Have built many computers so know what I an doing but this is not mine
so I do not know it's history and can not find anything about this light on the compaq website.
Please I need a clue. Thanks.


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I have a presario with the same light you are talking about.... It is NOT the HD indicator.. (people should not just guess on forums) There is a small LED light located about an inch and a half UNDER the green Power light, THAT is the HD indicator. Everything I have read says it's most likely a bad power supply unit (PSU). Replace with at least a 300W unit.




(people should not just guess on forums), long skinny green light below PWR button And your point isssss?

Suggest you cut down on caffeine and/or remove toothpicks.

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