I'm having the same problem but a week prior my computer started acting funny. The monitor would blink erradically every now and then and sometime either come back to the screen i was on and have color squares everywhere and nothing on the screen would work or the monitor would go blank and not come back. Then yesturday I tried turning it on and it does the same thing his was doing. I had the blinking lights in front and the fans didn't not work they would tick and the front power button does nothing. I turned my power supply off and obviously everything would stop. I unplugged the power cord from the back of the power supply and replugged it and sometimes it would turn the computer on fans and all but nothing comes on the screen. If anyone can help id be very appriciative because i talked to a few it companies in my area and the lowest rate was 84 dollars an hour one hour minimum which is absurd.

Perhaps this is a Graphics card issue. Have you any other graphics cards you can try?

I had this problem a few years ago when I had a GeForce 7600. It turned out to be a bad capacitor. Check the video card, then the IDE cable to your hard drive, and then your cpu if you still haven't found the problem.