Start the problem, when I plug my Gateway M520s Laptop to AC car adapter. When I press the power button second after power indicator LED Blinking (manual says LED Blinking-notebook is in standby mode).Unplug the AC cord and remove the battery for 2-5hrs and press the power and F2 for bios setup windows. I can see Bios option after 2-3 minutes shut down itself power indicator blinking again and with black screen. Hold the power for 3-6 sec. to shutdown and press again suddenly power indicator blinking can’t go no more to bios setup. Same thing happen as there is a windows XP boot up disk in the DVD Rom will try to read disk and shut down the few minutes and power indicator start blinking. Does anybody know what’s the problem of my laptop, where I start to troubleshoot?

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does it only happen when Laptop is plugged to AC car adapter

No, even AC adapter or Battery use same problem.It started the problem when I plug into AC car adapter.Do you think power surge broke the laptop?I check the battery with Multimeter its 16.5 volts and the battery voltage output rating (label) is 14.8 volts. I plug ac adapter same problem LED power blinking. I check with multimeter the voltage out of power adapter is 19.62v and the output power rating is 19v.Any idea what is wrong with laptop?


Restart it couple of times and once it did go through Bios and stay for 2-3 min and will shutdown itself and turn the LED power blinking.I can hear fan spinning while in Bios windows.It did flash up a blue gateway screen but then power off fast.I'll continue trying to start it and see if I can get anymore information.Any assistance will be highly appreciated.

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