Is it possible to allow someone to add new items to a poll after it has been initially created ? Often times I see that posters have other things they would like to add to the poll or something the OP forgot and would like to add.

Hehe, poll editing brings back the old memories of DMR and his wombats. Anyhow, even moderators can't edit polls in forums they're responsible for (or maybe I'm missing something here).

i thaught admins (maybe even global mods?) could

I think DMR was super-mod at the time he changed all the polls to wombats. I guess that was the reason to change this.

I personally liked the wombat-mania ;)

This wombat story sounds very funny. I wish I had been here.

i think i was here...

i remember when DMR and Catweazle used to be around....

We need a way to make a poll that uses Independent Voting, as opposed th the faulty Plurality system used now.

Staff is able to modify Polls (I had a co-admin do it for one of mine on another VBB site once)

dani uses a very customised Vb though

i cant modifty them