Have been hunting high and low on the site, but cannot find any info on how to go about either. Am wondering if this is a "donor-only" feature (which not complaining if it is), or if I'm just missing something here.

Can someone either point me to the relevant info/FAQ, or simply advise on this one?

Cheers guys :)

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If you have something that you consider is worthy of news story status then you can post it to the Upcoming News Stories forum, where it will be reviewed by myself. A PM to me to let me know doesn't hurt either, just in case I'm having a bad day :)

If it is a well written and relevant news story then I will change the posting status to that of a news story and move it to the most appropriate forum - if there isn't one then it stays in the upcoming forum but flagged as news.

Only DaniWeb Staff Writers have the ability to flag postings as news stories or product reviews from the outset.


Thanks for that. Actually did have a topic in mind, so grateful for response. BTW, what is the situation for site blogs? I do seem to remember a link/option not that long ago... is this a feature removed as of site update?

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