using FF 3.5.3 and attached is how that window looks.

I know, it's currently a bug at lower screen resolutions. I'm looking into a fix. In the meantime, if you want to read your PMs, scroll to the bottom of the list to where it has Display Options and click the little up arrow in the top right corner of the box to collapse that section.

Low screen res? It does it on 1024x768 which is the native for older CRTs and last-generation laptops (my 2006 coreDuo thinkpad for example)

Sorry, I consider 1024x768 low screen res.

Sorry, I consider 1024x768 low screen res.

Yea, but your eyes are young. Give yourself another 10 years and you too will probably have to start using that low resolution.

According to W3C,

January 2009
More than 1024x768 57%
1024x768 36%
800x600 4%
Les than 800x600 3%

So you are displaying it wrong for nearly 40% of visitors.

I design the site for higher resolutions, but ensure to the best of my ability that it downgrades nicely for 1024x768. As I mentioned, this is a bug I'm aware of, and not discounting, but I just have some other things on my plate today.

While 40% of the world's audience might still use 1024x768 or less according to the W3C, DaniWeb is skewed towards a more tech saavy audience. According to our site analytics, 22% use 1024x768, 1.66% use 800x600, and anything less makes up such a small, small fraction of a percent (but most likely accounts almost entirely to mobile devices).

I rarely have a problem at 1024x768, and the bug I reported should probably be pretty low on your TODO list. It's not really that big of a deal for me.

its no biggie for me neither, i am just a perfectionist lol :)

... DaniWeb is skewed towards a more tech saavy audience.

Why would tech savvy be equated with higher than 1024x768? Don't tech savvy users use laptops? Aren't there a few tech savvy users older and need glasses?

I'm with AD on this one. I personally use windowing, which to me means multiple windows opened at any one time, and I very rarely (maybe 0.5%) ever have any window open full screen. My standard window size for web browsing is about 2/3 of my screen setting, making the main nav bar end at the word BUSINESS. I'm always scrolling to see the 'community guy'. And I consider myself fairly tech savvy.

Don't forget netbooks, increasingly popular with the tech savvy user :)

Ive got to agree with walt.

The max screen res on most (non-widescreen) business laptops (e.g my thinkpad - which is popular amongst IT professionals) is a "low" 1024x768. The same on most servers (my rackie has a crappy 4mb integrated thing).

Don't forget netbooks, increasingly popular with the tech savvy user :)

Ah happygeek, i knew you wouldn't forget me :)

Netbooks have really awkward resolutions anyway.

They are quite popular with students here. The (smallest) macbook and netbooks like that samsung one are quite popular in lectures.