Is PFO down permanently or just for some other reason?

It's not down permanently. Reaching out to James ...

Would you happen to recall how long it's been down for?

It was down since yesterday, thought you might be doing some server maintenace

I know this is a stupid question and I know one of you (mods/admins) are going to laugh but what is the PFO page...?

One advantage of PFO being down -- no spammers tried to register :)

Quick question for Dani, sorry but it is out of topic. Did you add a new page numbering/navigation? I thought it was just me who was seeing it.

I did ... I made it bigger.

And you added a new arrow

Yeah, I did :)

Pretty helpful feature ;)

Just curious as to the PFO site.... looks like a "lighter" version of this site. What's the story behind PFO?

It was an independent forum and Daniweb acquired it a few years ago. So PFO became a (neglected) sister site to Daniweb.